The Tangled Souls music is a soulful, melting pot that weaves effortlessly through genres and time. With deep roots and a contemporary sensibility they can transport you with their infectious melodies and grooves. Charlotte’s soaring expressive vocals and Paul’s soulful guitar may just give  your ears that mood installation you have been waiting for….


Paul Greig should have followed his predestined roots of playing country music ‘till his dying day, given that he was born and raised in Australia’s capital of country music, Tamworth. Surrounded by the greats of this genre, he cut his teeth sitting in with local musicians and playing with his own band Black Cat Bone in the early 1990s. However, Paul also had a passion for the darker side of 70s southern U.S. country rock, citing greats like Lowell George and Ry Cooder as major influences, and he spent many of his waking hours mastering the same biting melodic slide lines as these luminaries, developing his own flare and sound along the way.

A strange twist of fate had led Paul to reject his natural right-handedness and start playing as a southpaw, the only guitar in the family homestead being his big brother’s left-hander. Paul turned this hindrance into a plus, creating a unique tone that can instantly be picked out amongst the plethora of slide kings and tone masters. His beautiful black late-60s Stratocaster is his main instrument of expression, and no matter what amp or situation, his golden, syrupy tone is unmistakable. But electric guitar is just one string to his bow, as his acoustic playing shows equal finesse and dexterity. A perfect complement to the deftly crafted songs he writes, Finding his soulmate and now songwriting partner Charlotte Rose he has hit an exciting pinnacle in his career. The Tangled Souls debut album maybe a long time coming but will certainly been worth the wait. Stay tuned….


Born in South America and raised in Sydney, her love of music began at an early age where she was drawn to the sounds of Motown and a wide range of jazz and blues artists. Charlotte began listening to all the great jazz divas, including Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald and Billy Holiday. Eager to hit the stage at 19 years of age, she began singing with some of the finest jazz musicians in Sydney. Having performed at a long list of venues around the world her beautifully rich and sultry voice conveys great emotion and feeling, leaving audiences truly touched. Teaming up with  partner Paul they are now a force to be reckoned with,  writing some of their best work as The Tangled Soul’s.

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